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promised to do and has not done. chuck schumer understand that. he is a big advocatate kind china and he has pressure fm chuck schumer and was lectured to get busy. >> do you think it is him feeling that he had digits soone e had to do something? >> he understandthat ts stage he is the last l line e of defense. you look at what congress has donene and what the white house s done, and the only source is stimulus. >> bararba lg, let me get to you. is this whwhat the business community is clamoring for? we know w retire a policy -- hate the pololicy. it is the one we interest rates are hurting people, people that have s savings. what doethe business community want? do they see this as helpful to them? >> i do not think they are sure if this will be helpful yet. with tax cuts -- i am sure they want a tax cut. i think the business community wants to see stable public policy, even if it is not something you agree with. you want it to be predictable. business people want predictability. lots of my members arere holding on to cash becausese things are so unstable. >> look at what congress is not
are senator chuck schumerer governor daniel malloy and academy award winner jeff bridges. but first let's go to new york to bill karins for a check on the forecast. bill? >> good morning to you, mika. for those of you that don't know, mika's a pretty serious runner. we're watching some showers moving through the carolinas. that's good at least for this morning. we will dodge some of those large thunderstorms later. if you're anywhere up there around areas of new jersey, pennsylvania, some heavy rain this morning, especially coastal areas of jersey pushing across long island into new england. it's a very humid air mass. all of that moisture as moved to the eastern sea board. that's why we're seeing all the wet weather out there. we'll continue with chances of showers and thunderstorms. looks like a little breyer for thursday and friday. we're watching temperatures in the mid 80s. talk about heat. we continue to roast in the middle of the country. drought and areas to get worse this morning. it still feels like the middle of summer out there on this tuesday. back to work and much of the. >> we
boykin, paul ryan's the big star with the republicans on capitol hill today. but if chuck schumer's right and he comes back in january as just another member of the house of representatives, it's going to be a very different welcome for him then. >> yeah. i don't think he's going to be too welcome in january when he comes back. here's a guy who's basically running against congress even though he's been in congress for virtually his entire life either as a staffer or as a member of congress. and chuck schumer's right, his budget does not balance. it doesn't do anything except to cut programs for the poor and the middle class and the needy and give more to the wealthy. it's reaganomicc again on steroids. the republicans are actually in the position now of rooting against the economy. they're basically trying to sabotage the economy. they don't want monetary help, don't want the fed to do anything. they don't like ben bernanke. they don't want to do anything to try to inject new money into the economy. and they don't want to do it with a housing policy. they're trying to get the head of the
. i've got senator chuck schumer. another financial cliff looming. new details on the most recent round of bitter budget talks. he gives his take. plus we're live in chicago where rahm emanuel has a colossal mess on his hands. the teachers of the country's thirds largest school district are officially on strike. >>> first, a look ahead as the president's schedule and mitt romney's schedule later today. the president taking a down day after a weekend of campaigning. he's at the white house. mitt romney of course in ohio. does a whole bunch of a rally and a whole bunch of interviews. "daily rundown" only on msnbc. stick with us. up next. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about
indicated the senate is going to come in -- chuck schumer as indicated the senate is going to come in and help out. with the amount of money that is being spent and super pac's, grassroots is important. chris murphy is an outstanding candidate and more importantly, he is an incredible legislator. >> do you think the democratic attacks on private equity, carried interest, banking in general are beginning to sting in politics where some of the tycoons that fill the coffers in the past for democrats are turning away, helping now mitt romney? >> that could be a possibility. i think -- and i do not have any objective analysis -- but i will say this. i think what stings the american people is the understanding that in this current economic environment, it just simply is not fair that the middle class should pay more. the middle class should pay more while the wealthy have been unhurt, unbothered, and have skated through this whole economic downturn. there's this sense that government has got your back. having the president has made great strides. i think we are headed in the right direct
was created in 2003. senator chuck schumer says the list work for a while but new corporations found ways to get around the list by making robocalls. >> because it's easy to do and can be mechanized, they sprung up like top seed again. >> new legislation would raise fines and propose harsher punishments that violate the list. the rules prevent businesses to use machines to make robocalls. >>> sales figures from the iphone 5. it hit shelves during the weekend. it became impossible to find one if stores, people lined up days in advance for the sale that started friday. it's faster and lighter, has bigger screen. the one feature it's getting slammed is apple's new app application. >> there is a little bit of disappointment when we saw kinks in it. there are blogs pushing out problems here and there, across the globe. >> apple moved away from the operating system for maps and now rolled out their own. users say it steers them if the wrong direction at the wrong places, that's no good. apple says it's work tong app to make it bet -- working on the app to make it better. >>> a baby panda's dea
me is senator chuck schumer from new york. they've turned him into a pinata, so they can bang at him and now they're going after this redistribution phrase. they dug it up from 14 years ago. what is wrong with redistribution? that's what we do any time we help anybody out. >> first of all, it shows how desperate they are to come up with the tape. they're trying to change the subject. it's not working. we should ask them, is it redistributionist to support the eitc, originated by president ford and expanded by president reagan? how about giving a veteran who's wounded disability benefits, is that redistribution? how about social security, is that redistributionist? i mean, they just have to come up with slogans because they can't argue on the merits. and the problem is, when you can't argue what you really believe on the merits, you slip up. that's what we saw romney do the other day. >> it reminded me of jimmy carter, who i worked for, after reagan about something he said about medicare in the early '60s. he said, there you go again. the romney campaign dug up an audio clip of senato
chuck schumer, or any democrat expressing his or her outrage. and i was looking everywhere. not even press release to denounce the reckless lay yuf of corporate america latest act of heartlessness. ore denouncing the sal of the earth union geis. not these guys. maybe because they were union guys. bank of america guys. by the end of the year they're all be out of the job. bank accelerating the cost-cutting plan. guess who got caught in the buzz vault? yep. those guys. workers who i guess have no lobby and clearly, engender very little sympathy. maybe because like i said they're not union. maybe because they're from an evil bank. maybe they're not union rand from evil bank. i don't know. but these 16,000 folks are just invisible. 16,000 workers packing boxes and belongings. but if politicians don't comment like a tree falling in a forest, no one is there to hear it, maybe it didn't happen. it did. and it does. but because bank of america is done and who care, maybe that is also because none of this fits a liberal narrative that has eel banks are doing so well for themselves they won't
in the elections, they're going to have to give in and listen to what chuck schumer said about that dynamic. >> if democrats, the president wins and we keep the senate, those mainstream conservatives are going to be strengthened and are going to want to reach out and work with us because the embrace of the tea party that mitt romney has done will have failed and strengthen those in the republican party. >> that is chuck schumer's wishful thinking, but there's also an important point to be made about the timing. about a week after the election, they have between then and the end of the year to deal with this issues. they say if one party does well, if mitt romney wins the white house, if republicans take over the senate, there's probably going to be less impetus to do anything during that lame duck session because they know they're going to have more power once january comes along and probably the most likely scenario for getting real stuff done if the status quo is in effect. >> they can take constructive action. here's the point underneath the reporting. if the polarizers create these prob
china what to do. what you looking at? liz: senator chuck schumer sale of spike in the number of truckers crashing into bridgees and overpasses on highways where they don't belong. eight of ten of these crashes was two hundred year is caused by truckers being misdirected by global positioning satellites that wrongly put them on parkways where they should not be. senator chuck schumer weighing in. >> the gps directed me on it and many truckers do not know that the gps is not programmed to be the same -- or a 15 foot high tractor-trailer. the owner should be on dot to make sure. liz: he wants to probe the matter and investigate the matter and issue new nationwide standards for the gps industry but the problem is truckers are using these consumer devices and google maps -- the devices for truckers to use so they can avoid the parkways and the issuers, why not just to get them and keep the law of the parkway's? what would be doing before the global positioning system? liz: stocks that are affected by this -- liz: all of them. liz: thank you very much. closing bell ringing in 37 mi
bed in america. >>> new york senator chuck schumer is really going after mitt romney right now. let's listen in. >> mitt romney's only bottom line is the one at the end of his own bank statement. what's the problem. the problem is that mitt romney confuses his own narrow self interests and that of people like him with the national interest. he thinks as long as we do right by the mitt romneys of the world, america will be just fine. we can't afford a president with so narrow a perspective. we certainly want those at the top to do well. but if you base your entire presidency and your entire economic platform on helping them do even better, you're missing what makes the economy tick. not everyone has been as fortunate as mitt romney. you cannot base your whole approach on a life experience as rarified as his. if your focus is only on those like mitt romney, it's not going to help the economy or do enough for the middle class. now, there are so many reasons why mitt romney should not become president. but perhaps most of all is the insidious narrowness of his experience, perspective an
government regulate bad driving? now that senator chuck schumer has called for new federal rules for a satellite based gps systems to stop trucks from crashing into overpasses for is that the way to go? liz macdonald is here. liz: best story is senator chuck schumer says eight of ten truck crashes that occur on parkways into bridges or overpasses are due to the truckers using gps systems that consumers use or using google maps. here is the senator talking about this problem he wants the federal government to fix. >> gps directed me on it and many truckers don't know gps -- its programmed to be the thing for a ford cars or 15 ft. high tractor-trailer. the owner should make sure the trucker doesn't do that. liz: here is what the senator wants the department of transportation to do. investigate this matter and issue recommended federal standards to address the problem. there is a spike in truck crashed fores and to bridges and two crashes in new york state, 855 the past decade and he wants the federal government to force gps to put warning systems into truckers gps system. the depar
stick to the script? we'll see. senator chuck schumer joins us in a minute to discuss and preview the speech. plus bill clinton blew the roof off this place last night with a masterful speech we'll be talking about for a long time perhaps through 2016. no point trying to dampen the speculation. the buzz about hillary 2016 is only growing louder after yesterday. also, president obama has had a rocky relation with the business world. could clinton help give him some advice on that, perhaps mend some fences. let me finish tonight with the difference between the two political parties. 2012, this is "hardball," the place for politics. hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ it's our most innovative altima ever. chase scene netflix coming soon extra butter tickets swoon penguin journey junior mints movie phone evil prince bollywo
doctor. we already asked 3,000. their jobs and chuck schumer doesn't talk about it. i suspect that chuck would have anything to did not happen, but 16,000 bank of america workers could lose their jobs. financial guys who haven't made and are not lending. even exxon mobil by comparison seems better. because of any of these microphone hogging iq point blank politicians had taken the time to notice, our financial kingpins aren't looking to do anything. they have been royally laying off folks for years now. bank of america has just been speeding up the process. that is why i didn't hear them lamenting the layoffs today. they were coming from gm or horizon or any other satellite. 16,000 people out and so they go. washington goes on. without a word from chuck. sometimes it can be deafening area sometimes, something else. remember what i told you about the number of kids on food stamps? how a double? i wonder if they are the same guys who are going to have to pay that health care health care law. and if they can't afford it, i wonder who has to pay for it. who do you think neil: 47 days until e
, and brooklyn. new york senator chuck schumer t will rival the eiffel tower. it's expected to draw 4.5 visitors per year when opens. >> that could be a very cool idea. your beard could say a lot about you may vote for in november. and the company behind the could be on the road recovery. the linda bell is live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. blackberry may get a pop in today's trading. sales of research in motion phones were not as bad as we quarter.ast the company may still have a in the age of the iphone. the numbers are very positive. how much shopping were we doing month? wall street is waiting on the latest report on consumer spending. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. let's talk about the politics of .eer a lotch shows drinking means you are most likely to vote republican. but light drinkers did not have allegiance but slightly to the democratic party. >> interesting. >thanks so much. temperatures have been dropping. starting to feel more fall-like. >> it makes you want to put on warmers. >> yes. >> today is warm, but we have ahead and did feels like fal
essentially brought stock trading back a week later. pretty monumental. he was up there with chuck schumer, hillary clinton, rudy giuliani. this is the type of guy john thain is. liz: you know what he got in the mail, their portraits off the wall from the boardroom. why is that necessary? >> why did he do that? liz: the seagram's people did that. and then they got rid of it. this is inside hollywood. they did. removing company history. that was huge history. charlie: that was one of the iconic moments in finance. remember, terrace attack new york city, basically take down the world trade center, destroyed the communications. verizon has its communication hub there. it is all down. down for a week. what does grosso do, he brings it back. liz: he is a relic. charlie: he did a great job. obviously, getting people, the tech people, involved. liz: puts the pictures back. charlie: duncan -- liz: where were they, in the basement? charlie: it was an urban legend. i checked today, it is not true. it has bounced around the floor of the new york stock exchange that thain erase or photoshop grosso's f
compromise is a dirty word. host: new york senator chuck schumer, democrat, joined by democratic leader harry reid. the national journal posted this piece this morning on taxes -- enthusiasm for the payroll tax cut has waned on capitol hill, it says, as lawmakers start to meet privately to overtax extenders and the fiscal cliff and no one has taken up the cause of extending the payroll tax-cut. concern over diverting revenue from social security to help pay for the cuts has only grown in the last two years since it was passed. the piece has a photograph of congressman standing ordehoyer. he says it's temporary. no call from georgia, curtis. caller: thanks for taking my call. what the man said from pennsylvania about the legislation, the more of it that is passed, the bigger the government. that is astounding but someone would think that. and it is astounding, working four month at an average salary of $15,000 to $18,000 a month, they will only work eight days. there's no compromise in our country, no one wants to work together. it is sad. this is why we have to find a third-party alternative
for him with his own special welcome back, was new york senator chuck schumer. >> mr. ryan would either have to make massive defense cuts, the very same defense cuts he decried on the campaign trail yed, or he would need to virtually eliminate the rest of the government. in terms of deficit reduction, the ryan plan is no other way to state it, a fraud. >> ken vogel, his chief investigative reporter and kevin bacon is the political editor. ken, after mr. ryan failed to explain his hypocrisy on the sequester, or how he can balance the budget while vastly increasing the military spending, will anybody be able to look at boehner in the eyes? >> you see from the personal tone, some of this criticism, it's not just about the ryan plan, or the sequester, or his requesting stimulus funds or criticizing him on the campaign trail, they're really going after him personally. >> it's pointless being polite about this. it's just hypocrisy. >> you often have where a member of congress is running for president or vice president and they present this long track record of votes that you can ding them on.
to explain it. chuck schumer came out and said the president will address it tonight. he gave another excuse. he said people in the audience didn't know what they were supposedly voting on. >> dana: maybe they were booing the process they wabed to take a vote -- they wanted to take a vote. they screwed up. senator schumer yesterday on television asked about the jerusalem issue and president obama's position on it he said i don't know. this is a senator of new york. saying he doesn't know. today is a different story. he didn't say he would address the jerusalem issue. he said he would bring up israel. not a shocker. >> eric: can i point something out? the whole fire storm that surrounding them and the walk-back and platform and the questionable yea/nay vote and was it two-thirds or not stemmed from senator durbin trying to bend the fact that god and jerusalem were taken out of the platform. he defended it. bret baier held him to the fire. became a big thing. thank you, bret. thank you, john roberts, for roberting this stuff. we have kept it in the news. >> dana: democrats are lucky it was cau
. >> wolf, thanks for having me. >>> now i want to bring in the senior senator from new york state, chuck schumer. thank you very much for coming in. first, what do you make of this decision, this inability for the prime minister of israel, coming to the united states, and he's not going to meet with the president of the united states. what's going on here? >> well, i think that -- look, prime minister netanyahu can reach the president any time he wants. and my guess is, there are just scheduling difficulties and i wouldn't be surprised if they work something out. >> i wouldn't be surprised either. but it does sort of reenforce this notion, some of israel's supporters have doubts about the president of the united states' commitment to support for israel. you heard what mitt romney said not that long ago in his acceptance speech in tampa. listen to this one line that he said. >> president obama has thrown allies like israel under the bus. >> thrown allies like israel under the bus. so what do you say to romney on the heels of what happened with the jerusalem platform dispute, now this inab
that speech last night. senator chuck schumer was here in the cnn grill this morning on with soledad o'brien and a few of us. he said, if you think of politicians like scientists, there are scientists and then there's albert einstein. even republicans believe that bill clinton is the albert einstein of politics. bill clinton is really a communicator when it comes to message. but i think what we're going to see tonight is barack obama the orator. that has been a big criticism of the president -- the current president, that he can spooej speak in soaring terms and he can get people riled up and feeling emotional. but when it comes to communicating the very important message that he has needed to communicate over the past four years about how tough the economy is and why it's been hard for him to bring people up to where they want to be, that's what bill clinton did like nobody else can do. >> the bromance, the hug. that hug at the end. is this a transactional reconciliation as it was referred to in "the new york times" or is this true love? >> reporter: i think it's somewhere in the midd
, new york senator chuck schumer wants a procedural vote on paul ryan's budget plan. the democrats instead this will help his party in november because it has no chance of passing. on the republican side, there will likely be a vote in the house on friday on the no more solyndras that. this bill faces other doe loans and contribute to a massive taxpayer-funded loan to solynda. once again, it has no chance in the democrat controlled senate. as i mentioned after next week, both house and senate will likely be on vacation. again. i'm sorry, mcauliffe campaigning. that's right. the rest of the items will be pushed into the lame-duck session. including taxmaggedon. if not, we are heading over the fiscal court. thus, we also have to deal with performing the postal service, which is focused to vote on another $5.5 billion payment. that's a lot for a senate that only has 72 days left in a house that has 32 days left. is it a wonder that they only have a 10% approval rating? coming up, find out what health care is front and center in the campaign again. and a conservative answer to michael
chuck schumer, democrat, obviously, put out a statement about ben bernanke today, about those remarks. and he said, it's clear bernanke as he looks at the economic indicators believes it's time to prime the pump, ie, go out with more money. he should not let any political backlash deter him. laura, isn't that political pressure? >> don't agree with senator schumer's statement either. i think that one of the most important features of the u.s. economic system is the independence of the fed. the fed with leadership now that looks at the economic evidence and makes very reasonable decisions. i do not think politicians should be commenting on the fed. >> you know, laura, i agree with that. >> particularly in a political season. >> i agree with your point. i wasn't trying to make the point the fed is being political. what i was trying to say is i think it's probably too late no matter what the fed does to influence what's going to happen with the economy before the election. my major point, though, and maybe this is where laura and i disagree, i just don't think creating economic growth an
they would rather say i don't know than wager a guess. >> bill: chuck schumer is the leading democrat on the middle east. he doesn't know the president's position? doesn't that strike you as weird. >> no, it doesn't. judging from what i have seen in the senate from both sides. not -- if he said he didn't know the president's position on israel i would call it b.s. to say on this particular issue of jerusalem being the capital, i think that's a nuances issue and he may not have known the interest. the answer is president does think jerusalem should be the capital of israel. >> bill: how do you know. >> putting the language back in to reflect the president's position. >> bill: you believe that what i said before to dick morris that barack obama ordered god and jerusalem put back into the plat tropical form. >> i don't think the president ever wanted it out. you in your talking points talk about fringe element of the party dominating things. you said the president wasn't in that fringe i agree with you. >> what does it say about leadership if a fringe element, all right, is -- has that m
years ago. new york senator chuck schumer applauded the decision. >> first step is to have everyone who got any kind of cancer, mess owe theel owe ma or any other disease to be covered. after all these are heros like our veterans. >> nbc chief science and health correspondent robert bazell joins me now. bob, we remember back when the epa was saying no worries, nothing is wrong with the air there and we all know what has happened since. finally these people are being compensated although there's still big health issues for those still ill. >> a lot of health issues, andrea. the idea that air and those of us who breathed it, the idea that air was somehow not unhealthful, was just a fantasy. it was terrible. it had every kind of pollution you could imagine in it, including just plain all kinds of metallic dust as well as toxins and the idea that it won't lead to cancer is just absurd. now it takes many years to prove that it will cause cancer because as we know from studies of smoking and other carcinogens it takes many years between the exposure and the cancer. there's no scientific proof
aware that the man is registered republican, but let me ask you this, because chuck schumer, a democrat, obviously, put out a statement about ben bernanke today about the remarks and he said it is clear that chairman bernanke looking at the indicators believe it is time to prime the pump, and ie, go out with more money and he snoultd not let political backlash deter him from going through and doing the right thing. isn'tb that political pressure? >> i don't agree. i believe the most important feature of the economic system is the independence of the fed, and the feature of the fed that looks at the economic evidence and makes reasonable decision. i do not think that politicians should be commenting on the fed. >> you know, laura, i agree with that. >> particular ly in a political season. >> particularly. i agree with the point, and i am not saying that the fed is political, but what i am trying to say, erin, is that it is too late no matter what the fed does is going to influence what is going to happen with the economy before the election, and my major point, and maybe this is where la
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